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Committed to Serving the Community

We firmly believe in giving back to the communities in which we live including Idaho Falls, Caldwell, Nampa and the surrounding area.

Community Involvement 



From The Hartwell Corporation’s beginning, Ralph Hartwell set a standard for personal community involvement that continues today as part of the corporate ethic at The Hartwell Corporation. Staff members are enthusiastic and contributing leaders in the cultural arts, youth activities, charitable organizations, service clubs, Chambers of Commerce, and professional organizations.




The Hartwell Corporation has always believed that good corporate citizenship is part of being a good company. The company contributes generously to a wide range of worthwhile causes.

Deal Insurance is deeply involved in the Nampa Chamber of Commerce, Snake River Stampede and other local philanthropies.  We participate in Rake Up Nampa, Paint the Town and many other civic events.


The company also supports this involvement with policies that allow employees the necessary time away from the office to participate effectively in these worthwhile activities, and with financial support for their activities.

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